This is the “Marching Flamingo” show from the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo in Nassau, Bahamas.   The Pink Flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.

From Ardastra Garden’s Website:

In the 1950’s flamingos in the Bahamas were nearly hunted to the point of extinction. The Government at that time brought flamingos to Ardastra Gardens as an experiment to try breeding them in captivity. The breeding was not very successful but the flamingos certainly became quite an attraction in the gardens. Mr. Edwards then decided to begin training the flamingos to do a march for his guests and they have been marching ever since. The flamingos were featured in the National Geographic magazine in the October 1957 issue as nobody had trained flamingos to be comfortable around people before and so people could come closer to the flamingos in Ardastra compared to anywhere else in the world.

The video was shot on Saturday March 10, 2007.

Ardastra Gardens

Flamingo Show